Inspiring clients & projects

Naturally, you are interested in who we work for. Our clients include large and medium-sized companies as well as corporations throughout Europe. Incidentally, eBay was our first customer our founding year of 2004, a collaboration that continues to this day.

Well-established teams of creative software developers are constantly solving new challenges for companies that enjoy working with us on a long-term basis. We have selected a few projects here that will tell you more about our core competencies.


Target platform for marketing selected offers & brands

DEALS is one of the platforms we developed in collaboration with eBay, which were successively integrated into eBay Core. The platform encompassed the entire life cycle of selected products in Europe - from acquisition and integration into sales pages and newsletters to real-time monitoring of sales and compliance with terms and conditions by retailers. The successful concept was also expanded beyond the eBay homepage to various verticals such as fashion.

  • Landing page with millions of impressions per day
  • No unscheduled down time throughout its entire life cycle
  • LAMP
Further projects for eBay:
  • Landingpage construction via Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Internal process management tool to replace a Jira workflow currently in use, with connection to marketing automation tools
Ebay Example


E-couponing: push and pull procedure

Local Hub offered Groupon customers in EMEA the opportunity to find the right coupon for their individual needs for the first time. The in-house developed integrated booking engine provided information on how and when vouchers could be redeemed before the purchase was processed. The booking tool for industry-specific appointment, product and resource planning for Groupon sellers emerged from further development of the booking software.

  • > 30 country domains
  • Geo-based search
  • Search, find & buy from Groupon & redeem at retailer in one step
  • LAMP
  • OpenStreetMap
Groupon Marker
Groupon Example


Real-time logistics platform for shippers and carriers

This end-to-end online forwarding agency enables shippers as well as as small and medium-sized companies to place transport orders, book offers from freight forwarders and pay online. Transport is tracked seamlessly - payment is only released on confirmation of delivery.

For freight forwarders, digital implementaion of the business process includes pricing on an auction platform, transmission of orders to the driver fleet, process tracking including delivery receipt retrieval and finally verifying incoming payments.

  • Multilingual
  • External pricing APIs
  • Microservice architecture
  • Symfony
  • React
  • Google Maps
  • Payment provider
Logistik Transporter

Logistik-Marktplatz DRIVER APP

Mobile online shipping carrier for truckers

This cross-platform app (iOS & Android ) supports drivers in their day-to-day operations, be it the assignment of orders by dispatchers, managment of the arrival sequence, contacting loading areas, navigation, or photo documentation of the transported goods during collection and delivery. The required documents are scanned automatically and made available to all those involved in near real time via the logistics marketplace. If the mobile connection is lost, transmission takes place immediately as soon as a network is available again.

  • Multilingual
  • Offline capable
  • Auto correction of scanned documents
  • React Native
  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View
  • Native geofencing
  • OpenCV
Logistik Transporter


Market leading product search with relevance-based auto-completion

This search engine finds sneakers at the best prices in over 30 stores based on product attributes, availability and size. A significant improvement in performance and scalability was achieved upon conversion of MySQL-based search to Elasticsearch. Auto-completion and the option of entering combined product properties such as brand, category and color also heighten user experience and significantly shorten the search process.

  • < 20 millisecond response time
  • > 30,000 sneakers
  • Elasticsearch
Everysize Boxes
Everysize Portfolio

Mayersche Buchhandlung: Was Liest du?

Online community to generate reviews and relevant information for the web shop

This Elasticsearch interface to the web store managed the real time import of basic book data. Community reviews were transferred to the shop via cron job. A complex algorithm based on user-generated bookshelves and ratings generated product recommendations for the web store. Numerous features such as reading challenges, exchange shelves, private messages, a bonus system, etc., complete the community service that was active for years.

  • 2013 - 2018
  • > 21,500 users
  • > 175,000 books
  • > 387,000 reviewers
  • Drupal
  • Elasticsearch
Mayersche Wimpel
Mayersche Example

GUIDE MICHELIN: Online restaurant guide

Future-oriented platform development & relaunch

Complete redevelopment of the platform as a Progressive Web App (PWA) with a focus on fast load and response times as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Import and enhancement of the Michelin catalogue. Non-public parallel operation of the upcoming restaurant guide for testing and content entry as well as live operation of the previes public Version including an option to switch between the two via a "red button" as part of an event for the presentation of the new online restaurant guide.

Connection of various 3rd party APIs (Contentful CMS, Pixlee Images, BookATable) Intelligent machine learning-based search & autocomplete (distinction according to user search: street, restaurant name, zip code, chef's name after entering 2-3 characters) Extensive filter options as well as interactive map user content in the form of images related to the dish / restaurant

  • Multilingual
  • REST API driven
  • Machine learning algorithms (KNN)
  • Elasticsearch live index swapping
  • React
  • Symfony
Michelin Star
Michelin Portfolio


APP developed on the occasion of the Corona pandemic

The “Darf ich das?”-app arose entirely out of our team's own initiative and is the best example for what happens when we are let loose to deal with novel, complex problems. The 2020/21 pandemic presented all of us with new challenges. Staying on top of the continually evolving jungle of Corona regulations was nearly impossible. We wanted to change this.

This user friendly app allows users a quick insight into into current Corona-Regulations across Germany, informs about the situtation across Europe and shows the the respective incidence, hospitalization rate and intensive care bed occupancy for each location. Comprehensive and easy to understand at the same time, this free app informs its users more conveniently than almost any other.

We employ multiple data sources, an open interface and editorial input and combine it all in a mobile app that is absolutely intuitive to use. Withinin months, this mobile app gained more than two million users and is our most meaningful and successful project in the field of social innovation.

  • Elasticsearch
  • MySQL
  • Symfony
  • React native
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