Your experts for software development

Proficient, dedicated & open for new ideas

With digital expertise, agile work processes and a lot of steam, we at InTradeSys develop innovative software for complex problems. Where other software developers get cold feet, the fun begins for us. We love challenges. Naturally, we're nerds - by which we mean creative, flexible, and customer oriented software specialists.

A creative environment for innovative ideas

Our home base is in the Cologne technology and industrial park. From here we are active throughout Europe. Whether remote or when our customers are with us in Cologne, extraordinary ideas and software solutions are formed.

In thorough cooperation we develop creative strategies with which we hit the ground running. Our surroundings may well contribute to this. After all, our conference table was made from the wing of a sports plane. Does that help our imagination soar? Sure, but above all, our mindset & togetherness allow us to take off.

We'll give our all for your project

You and your goals and requirements are the focus of our work. This is how we make your challenge our own and find the optimal solution for your project. We rely on an optimal combination of proven and new technologies.

We act in a spirit of partnership

For us, you are the experts in your business and therefore an important part of the project team. We live mutual respect. Our long-standing client relationships are based on successful collaboration in the spirit of partnership.

We believe in small teams

Our cross-functional teams work efficiently to accomplish what you clients need. At InTradeSys you have a fixed contact person for the duration of the project and can rely on us not to outsource any tasks.

We live agile values

Openness, respect and courage for new ideas are just as important to us as binding commitment and appreciative communication within the team. You will experience us as friendly, attentive and committed software experts.

Andreas Oesterhelt, Geschäftsführer InTradeSys GmbH
„What distinguishes us are 17 years of experience, creative solutions, solid and reliable engineering, flexibility, open communication and long-term, fair client relationships.“Andreas Oesterhelt, Geschäftsführer InTradeSys GmbH

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