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Because our small, cross-functional teams don't rest until they have fully understood which mountain you need to move to where, and why. Because we're a herd of friendly, curious and dedicated experts, with an experience of helping the small and the big fish, and the whales, since 2004. Because we don't sell but partner. Because we propose the right mix of technologies, from the well established to the latest and hottest, based on what helps you the most. Because to us, you're the domain experts, and hence a crucial part of the team. Because we'll tell you what we can't do well and help you source it.

Because we strongly believe in mutual respect, partnership, and long time relations.

Innovation LabWe help global leaders, most of whom have vast development resources of their own, to innovate.
Custom SoftwareWe provide quick, cost-effective and reliable custom solutions to clients of all sizes, from global leaders to local heros.


Much of what we do is just helping clients to arrive at given goals. But sometimes we get to make a real difference for their businesses. Here's a selection of where we feel we helped our clients the most to evolve:
We built the platform that supported Groupon's transformation from a push to a pull business model. The Local Hub allowed their clients in EMEA for the first time to effortlessly find the right deal for their individual needs, in a geocentric experience. We also created, and integrated into Local Hub, a booking engine that allowed Groupon shoppers to know before they bought any deal if and when they would be able to redeem their coupons, resolving major pains of users and suppliers at the time. Essentially transforming the user experience from "Buy this burger!" (at the other end of your metropolis) to "Can I have a table for two at a decent Thai restaurant within walking distance from my home on Friday 8pm?".
With eBay, we built a range of tools and platforms that pioneered inventory curation @eBay. E.g. the Deals platform, supporting the full lifecycle of deals on eBay in the EU, from acquiring the relevant supply over serving the Deals experience and newsletters to real time monitoring of the deals' performance and suppliers' compliance with terms. We later took this further with eBay into fashion and other verticals, by creating the right curation back ends, workflows and data engines, plus the tools for surfacing the curated inventory as landing pages, newsletters, banners etc. (MST, Page Factory, ..).

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